Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) are the agile methodology, used by many organizations. It is helping organizations ship their software effectively, and securely.

According to GitLab 2020 DevSecOps survey, Almost 83% of the developers say they’re releasing code faster and more often. 59% of companies say that they are almost making releases multiple times a day. That’s because of the adoption of DevOps methodologies and primarily because of Continuous Integration, automated testing and continuous Deployment.

Every organization eventually tries to find that perfect balance and include their own methodologies while setting up their CI/CD pipelines that we generally termed…

Boilerplates are the minimal reusable code that is common and required across all applications. They can be thought of as a reusable “glue” for components. Combining them with independent reusable components boosts delivery and, quite simply, makes coding much more enjoyable.

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In this post, we will learn about the Netlify CMS and how to set up a complete workflow for our example JAMstack blog built with Gatsby. JAMStack is the most buzzing word in the market, especially for the heavy frontend loaded websites with little dependency on the backend/databases.

JAMStack is the modern architecture of building web applications without using any server-side components and databases. JAMStack websites use JavaScript to fetch the dynamic data from Markups using APIs and renders them in static HTML/CSS templates. JAMstack websites are fast, more secure, easier to scale.

Organizations using JAMStacks, usually make use of…

12 useful NPM tips and tricks for more productive JavaScript coding.

NPM, Node Package Manager, is the package manager for the JavaScript programming language. Any developer who is working with Javascript has used this wonderful CLI tool to install the dependencies for their project.

In this article, I will be sharing NPM tips and tricks that can boost your productivity and let you use NPM in a smarter and more efficient way.

1. Initialize your package

we can run npm init command to initialize our package but it will ask information about the package, author, etc. There is another way to automatically generate our package.json using the npm init -y command.

npm init -y


Setting up a local NPM registry for private packages.

In this post, we will learn about setting up NPM Registry for local development. We can also use this registry for publishing private packages. Most of the organizations and top businesses generally prefer to have their own NPM registry to store their own private javascript code and can semversion them similar to every npm package.

What is the NPM registry?

NPM registry is the database of javascript packages which comprise of software and its metadata, can also be versioned just like Git. …

Deploying a project using NPM private registry with GitHub Actions.

Continuous Integration and Deployment are now a part of every project lifecycle from the development to delivery. CI & CD are the solutions to problems like “integration hell” in which integrating new code can result in various bugs and issues. In this blog post, we will be discussing more about deploying a project using NPM private registry with GitHub Actions.

What is an NPM private registry?

NPM private registries are generally used by enterprises to store their own private javascript code and can semversion them similar to every npm package. NPM private registry also has the features of the scoped registry. There are a lot of…

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a two-step verification or more appropriately two-step authentication method. A user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to protect the resources that he can access. Two Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of Security to our Single Factor Authentication (SFA) in which the user only needs to provide a password or passcode.

Two Factor Authentication method is almost used by everyone to increase the security and make it difficult for the attackers to gain access to the user’s account because knowing the user’s password alone is not enough for completing the authentication process.

Tip: Share code modules and collaborate with your team

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps. In this new era of serverlessness and containerization where we are just a click away from deploying our complete project, Heroku was there for us and is still helping millions of people deploy their projects with great ease.

Sometimes we end up overusing these technologies and integrate containerization and similar jargon words when we actually don’t need it — even though I am a great fan of Docker/Kubernetes.

It’s good to learn these things by practising with small projects but, we must know the difference between…

Forms are always the primary way of interacting with developers, designers and users for collecting information. We always interact with such forms in our day to day whether it is for user login/signup, collecting feedbacks or making payment online.

Why do we need to make them interactive?

Well, That’s important, It is really required to make them interactive. Umm, I think there is no need to make them interactive. Do we? We fill them every day without facing any issues. Ahhh, then why do we need an interactive form.

Ohhh, Gotcha… We need not to have interactive forms everywhere. We easily fill login forms because of our need…

Lessons learned working as a DevOps engineer


Docker, the most popular tech among developers. It is one of the widely adopted technology at an enterprise level because of its great containerizing feature along with many other features that highly increases the productivity of projects from development to shipping.

I am currently working as a part of DevOps team as a DevOps Engineer so I got an opportunity to make my hands dirty but yeah. It is awesome if we make use of it in a most optimized way else we will end up with our minds blow off. …

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